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Your donation helps MCPA Inc. provide information and training's for community, businesses, and law enforcement in areas of crime prevention and current trends. Please be assured that 100% of your donation goes to funding our crime prevention efforts.

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Biography - Paul Ciepiela

Previous positions and accomplishments include:

Detective Paul Ciepiela has worked with the Baltimore County Police Department for 31 years and is currently assigned to the Youth and Community Resources Bureau. Paul has the responsibility of providing gang awareness trainings to the community, business professionals, medical community and educators in and around the Baltimore County region. In addition, he researches, develops and implements programs designed to assist and educate youth as well as adults in the areas of gangs, crime prevention and any current crime trend that presents itself to the Police Department and surrounding communities. Paul also heads up the Boy Scouts Association/Learning for Life Exploring Program for the Baltimore County Police Department, overseeing ten precinct posts and activities.