Paul Ciepiela - President


Paul Ciepiela a retired detective from the Baltimore County Police Department completed 34 years of service and was assigned to the Youth and Community Resources Bureau. Paul was the lead instructor and training coordinator responsible for developing and implementing new and innovative programs.

Paul is a MPTC (Maryland Police Training Commission) certified instructor. Trainings and instruction available include material on domestic violence, human trafficking, active shooter and terrorism programs.  As a crime prevention practitioner, additional trainings topics include: gang awareness, social media and safety awareness, cyber-crimes, personal safety programs and community policing. These programs are designed to police personnel, community organizations, business professionals, medical professional and educators.

Previous positions and accomplishments include:

  • Patrol Officer
  • Administrative Officer and False Alarm Reduction Coordinator
  • Community Relations Officer
  • Internal Affairs Division
  • Homicide Division
  • Command Projects Investigations
  • Community Outreach
  • Community Policing and Crime Prevention Practitioner
  • Received two Officer of the Year awards for crime prevention practices